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John Stossel, We Hear You, or Agility in Developing Software, or How To Provide New Functionality Almost On Demand.

6/9/2016 11:10 AM

John Stossel, We heard you. I'm sorry you got lung cancer, and I'm sorry you had to suffer through the hospital experience, even though you got excellent care. To the rest of you, here is Mr. Stossel's story about his experience.

At Sentia, we took action. This story was published on April 20, 2016, and brought to my attention less than two weeks ago. While it's true that we have several things in the hopper for our new insurance company that vends it's own free EMR (read the previous blogs if you need an explanation) the EMR we vend needs to be TOP NOTCH, best in breed, cream of the crop, whatever superlative you like. So what we did was take the email functionality out of another of our parent company's offerings and splice it in (there was a little more to it than that). Even better, we were already working on a Questionnaire application that allows practices to type in their own questionnaires (have you ever had lung cancer, do you exercise more than 120 minutes a week) and assign them to patients as necessary, eliminating the need for paper, and the need for a nurse practitioner to type your responses into their EMR, saving you, (either doctor, practitioner or patient) time and money. No, this isn't an eSurance and they have dozens or maybe hundreds of people working on your claim anyway. We have none. We just pay it.

So what are you, dear reader, supposed to take away from all this? We have two huge pieces of functionality either complete ready to use and deployed, or ready to demonstrate in less than two weeks. What can your insurance company do for you in two weeks besides spend your hard earned money on stuff that doesn't benefit you, or use it to line their pockets?

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