Date Written Title
1/19/2017 9:15 AM Lack of Leadership is What is Wrong with Healthcare
1/17/2017 12:21 PM Latest Healthcare Trainwreck: IBM Watson Partners with FDA on Blockchain Driven Health Sharing
12/13/2016 12:40 PM The Medical Interoperability Miracle You Are Waiting On Will Never Happen
12/1/2016 3:34 PM The Automation Revolution is Coming, Are You Ready?
11/22/2016 9:36 AM Healthcare IT Purchasers, You are being duped!
11/18/2016 10:42 AM Eliminate the Cost of Medical Reporting: $40,000+ Per Physician Per Year
11/14/2016 11:38 AM The Era of Trump: How the New Adminstration Will Affect the ACA
11/8/2016 10:15 AM The Demise of Obamacare is Due to Health Insurance Carrier Waste and Greed.
10/31/2016 1:56 PM Solved: How to Curb Rising Healthcare Costs in the U. S.
10/27/2016 12:36 PM Why Obamacare is a Failure from a Doctor's Perspective, and How to Fix It.
10/27/2016 11:15 AM Healthcare: Disruption vs. Change
10/14/2016 9:55 AM Automating Insurance: Pipe Dream or Inescapable Progress?
10/10/2016 10:08 AM 2016 Presidential Town Hall: Enlarge the ACA v. Repeal the ACA. You're Both Wrong, and We Know How To Fix It.
10/3/2016 9:51 AM Idiocracy: Hillary writes "My Vision for Universal, Quality, Affordable Health Care"
9/27/2016 11:41 AM Making EMRs Fast, Easy and Intuitive to Use: Removing the Burden of Structured Data
9/22/2016 3:35 PM Beware of Buzzwords. Software Companies Are Selling You a Bill Of Goods
9/19/2016 10:24 AM Holistic Healthcare Solutions: Integration is Dumb
9/12/2016 9:12 AM Study: Health IT Costs $32K Per Doctor Each Year (We can do it better, of course)
9/7/2016 9:26 AM Why You Can't use Open Source Software for Enterprise Systems
9/2/2016 12:45 PM Theory of Constraints: An Holistic Approach To Solutions Architecture, Why You All Are Doing It Wrong and What To Do Instead
8/29/2016 9:12 AM Why Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) abd HL7 Argonaut Will Fail (and What To Do Instead)
8/24/2016 9:46 AM EPIC Developers 'Shadowing' Clinicians and Hundred Million Dollar Installations: EPIC FAIL
8/22/2016 9:50 AM Silos Prevent Delivery of Coordinated Care
8/15/2016 9:55 AM A Tale of Two EHRs: The Cerner and Epic Train Wrecks
8/11/2016 10:17 AM Apple is Dabbling in Healthcare. Let's Watch Them Fail Spectacularly
8/9/2016 11:01 AM Accessing your Personal Health Information: See Doc’s Notes.
8/5/2016 9:33 AM Big Corporate "Innovation" is Probably Smoke and Mirrors
7/7/2016 10:56 AM Why Does the Doctor Always Hand You a Ream of Forms To Fill Out, and How Do You Make Them Stop?
7/1/2016 9:23 AM Show This To Your Government Officials
6/27/2016 10:29 AM Doctors: Eliminate Your Billing Department
6/23/2016 10:37 AM Risk Stratification: Identifying High/Many Risk Patients and How to Help Them
6/21/2016 9:41 AM APIs Aren't For Intergration or You're Barking Up the Wrong Tree
6/17/2016 11:54 AM The Role of Technology In Healthcare
6/16/2016 9:28 AM Who do you trust with your healthcare dollars?
6/14/2016 10:57 AM Ideas Without Execution Are Worthless or How to Tie the Bell on the Cat
6/9/2016 11:10 AM John Stossel, We Hear You, or Agility in Developing Software, or How To Provide New Functionality Almost On Demand.
6/7/2016 8:52 AM The new FHIR and Why It's Just Going To Make Things Even More Complicated and Expensive.
6/3/2016 11:17 AM Coordinated Healthcare or Accessing your Medical Records When You Break Your Leg Skiing In Switzerland
6/2/2016 11:04 AM Patient Engagement May Be The Biggest Element to Changing Healthcare Delivery Systems
6/1/2016 10:46 AM Legislation is not the Solution to Better Healthcare or Better Healthcare Funding
5/31/2016 10:51 AM Automating Difficult Diagnoses. Been There, Done That.
5/30/2016 10:21 AM Show Me the Money or Can't Buy Me Love
5/27/2016 10:40 AM The Patient Side of Value Based Care or Changing Health Beaviors in a Large Population
5/26/2016 8:42 PM Making the Transition to Value Based Care
5/23/2016 2:02 PM Health IT Security, a "How To"