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Show This To Your Government Officials

7/1/2016 9:23 AM

So once again, we are right back to the crux of the matter. Healthcare costs too much. I came across this blog from Sunday, June 26, from conoutofconsumer detailing several ways that Obamacare fails. We aren't going to talk about politics, we all know that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable as detailed by the article cited above. Whomever conoutofconsumer is, s/he hates republicans just as much as democrats, too, so no politics here.

You who follow my blog know what I am going to say so bear with me. The way to save money on health insurance is to get rid of the insurance part altogether. Get rid of the skyscrapers. Get rid of the cast of thousands. Get rid of all the things that make a multi-trillion dollar industry run and replace it all with a whirring machine in a cold room

While I couldn't find recent statistics that I trusted, I did find several articles about the average cost of healthcare in 2014 and 2015. I suppose it just takes a year or so to compile the data for these elephantine, wasteful insurance companies. What I did find was fairly consistent however. The average single insured in the United States paid $5,615 for healthcare in 2014, the average family: $15,745. See the details here. That equates to almost $470 per month for the individual and a whopping $1313 for the family. A nice, new minivan with insurance and gas would cost far less and might provide more benefit. We have already proven that we can save you 1/3 of that cost, saving you $156 per month each making your bill somewhere around $313, or the family savings of $437 per month, making the bill about $875. That $437 savings itself would go a long way toward a new minivan.

By our calculations we can service each and every one of you for about $1/month. That's right; the cat is out of the bag. Our expenses are servers and facilities to house them. Of course we are going to have costs for ongoing development, and to have someone to answer the phones if you call, but the core application is designed, built and paid for. Maintaining it is about $1/month per insured. Do you really want to keep throwing $156 per month for every insured person in the United States at these bloated, inefficient, greedy, faceless corporations who literally do nothing that can't be done by a machine, and just gum up the works? That is real money coming out of your pocket. Obviously, We here at Sentia have an ax to grind, but our particular ax costs about a third less than everyone else's.

I'm asking you to call your congress people and senators and show them this today. Do it. Right now. ...and get

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