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Who do you trust with your healthcare dollars?

6/16/2016 9:28 AM

So I'm cruising around this morning, doing the normal, reading the health insurance blogs, when I normally would be reading the Health IT blogs. It occurs to me why you all are jaded. I get it. At InsureBlog I find a 'Throwback Thursday'to when Obama was claiming a 300% decrease in health insurance premiums posted March 16, 2010 (and also claiming that if your health insurance was through your employer you'd get a raise). Flash forward six years and the author, Henry Stern, shares several anecdotes where patient's premiums rose an average of 33% just this year (2016). Clearly you can't trust the government to help your skyrocketing insurance costs.

Then I click on over to Helth Insurance: Keep It Simple and find a rant about how Obamacare makes the consumer the villain by saying "The damned human consumer daring to make unhealthy choices like eating fatty foods, or smoking, or inheriting bad genes, or aging, or…well, being human.” Actually, Some of these I agree with. What you can't do is tell the consumer he or she has to get his or her cholesterol down, and NOT tell them how to do it. Drugs are not the answer. But with these conflicting opnions, I can certainly see why most of you would be confused.

At Health Care Renewal we are treated to a lambasting of the pharmaceutical industry AND the Media. The former for showing up in a Transparency International report showing them to be corrupt and the latter for not shouting it from the rooftops. The Media didn't shout it from the rooftops because we already know we are getting screwed, and we don't really care about the mechanics of the screwing.

So what do you do? Who do you believe? We here at Sentia can't (yet) help you with the Pharmaceutical Industry. But we have some ideas. What we can do today is to automate the entire insurance industry out of existence. We will provide you with coverage comparable to what you have now for about 1/3 less than what you pay. We are doing this by providing the doctor or practitioner with the knowledge of what is covered and what is not and paying him or her in real time at the time of service delivery. No medical coding, no back and forth with the insurance company, no big buildings with thousands of employees wasting time and money and adding absolutely nothing to the process and no huge corporate profits. If we collect more than we pay out in premiums, we will turn the excess back over to you. We will write you a check.

As far as big Pharma, we will simply have to start our own company and hire the best and the brightest scientists at say, time and half their current salary and go forth and make great strides in helping and healing people and do away with huge corporate profits. Maybe we incetivize the scientists by giving them a portion of the profits for the things they invent and the problems they solve. I know it isn't quite that simple, but the MBAs are running the world. We need the PhDs and MDs running at least part of it. Heck we automated the insurance industry out of existence, you tell us how to fix big Pharma in the comments.

Yes, we here at Sentia like profit. We are a for profit company and that's what we do. We think with automating processes and eliminating waste we can make as much or more than a BlueCross/BlueShield with a Netflix kind of business model. It's 2016. Bob Cratchit is just as dead as Jacob Marley's business model . BlueCross/BlueShield still uses Jacob Marley's business model too. Be like Netflix. Do amazing things in amazing ways. Heck, call your congressperson or senator and show him or her this site.

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