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Doctors: Eliminate Your Billing Department

6/27/2016 10:29 AM

Unless a doctor does not accept insurance, his or her practice needs a billing department. In the small practice, usually the doctor(s) hire(s) a service to handle the messy billing details like 'who is paying' and 'how much.' In the big corporate offices There could be a cast of thousands of clerks shuffling papers back and forth, sending emails and taking calls, drinking coffee and telling stories at the water cooler or whatever else it is that happens in a big, corporate office setting.

I wonder how much a practice pays for such a service. I imagine that if it takes an average cast of seven or eight to have a successful patient encounter, that one of those is going to be in the billing office. Think about reception, the nurse who takes your temperature and weight, all the lab people, the medical coder (on both ends) and of course the doctor him or herself. Let's say that on average the practice is conservatively spending 10% on running the billing department. So that's either money out of the care giver/practice's pocket, or money out of the consumer's pocket to run this Dunder Mifflin looking billing outfit.

So what if there was an insurance company that showed the practice what was covered, what isn't and how much it would pay, right up front? We can. What if, in addition to the automation and the free EMR that is detailed on this site's front page, we could also eliminate the need for a billing department? If the practitioner knows what is covered and how much is paid, they can discuss any additional payments with the patient at the time of delivery and either collect then, or pick a procedure that is covered. Either way, the all the money portion of the transaction is handled before the patient leaves the premises.

What that means is that Sentia's Insurance Company will not only cut 1/3 from the cost of healthcare, but allow the practitioner/practice to keep an additional 10% that currently goes to funding the leech, the vampire, that is the billing department and is sucking dry the practice's profit. There is a better way. We have the better way. Whether this industry goes with us or with another true innovator, this is coming.

Profits go up, costs go down. That is how we do things at Sentia. We deliver:

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